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Orange Oil for Cancer

I was introduced to Young Living oils when I first found the lump (Frank) on my neck. I have been using them ever since.
I am a distributor of the oils. I am currently take 12 capsules of Orange oil a day, just in case, because I went against radiation after my surgery. I wanted to share this. :)
You could take a few caps of Orange oil daily just as a preventative!

ORANGE ~ Therapeutic Essential Oil
As an Adjunct Cancer Therapy

by Cynthe on April 11, 2010
Essential oils from the orange tree’s flowers, leaves, and rind have powerfully healing effects… remarkably anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumoral based on it’s high 85%-96% limonene chemistry, ORANGE essential oil has combated tumor growth in over 50 clinical studies.
SOURCE: Essential Oils for Physical Health & Well-Being by Linda L. Smith
Clinical trials using d-limonene as a cancer inhibitor have been conducted for well over a decade. D-Limonene and its digestion by-product Perillyl alcohol have been studied at the University of Wisconsin, Indiana University-Purdue University, with a new JAN 2010 clinical trial taking form at the University of Arizona [currently accepting breast cancer volunteers] as well as various medical center trials.
WHY isn’t Orange Essential Oil’s awesome anti-Cancer properties common knowledge?
My guess…either most oncologists aren’t taught about or aren’t aware of D-Limonene and Perillyl alcohol’s benefits OR there isn’t enough financial incentive to have cancer patients self-administer orange oil for their own recovery as recounted in the personal testimonials at the end of this article.

June 1997 ~ Cancer Chemoprevention and Therapy by Monoterpenes by M N Gould, Department of Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
“Monoterpenes are found in the essential oils of many plants including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They prevent the carcinogenesis process at both the initiation and promotion/progression stages. In addition, monoterpenes are effective in treating early and advanced cancers. Monoterpenes such as limonene and perillyl alcohol have been shown to prevent mammary, liver, lung, and other cancers. These compounds have also been used to treat a variety of rodent cancers, including breast and pancreatic carcinomas. In addition, in vitro data suggest that they may be effective in treating neuroblastomas and leukemias.”
Mark Brudnak PhD, ND is a board-certified naturopath, maintaining a natural health consulting practice in Milwaukee, WI. His interesting article “Cancer-Preventing Properties of Essential Oil Monoterpenes D-Limonene and Perillyl Alcohol is well worth reading.
Dr. Brudnak writes “While the MTs [monoterpenes] are indeed used as cleaning (try placing a small amount on the front hubcaps of your car to clean off the black grime) agents, due to their solvent properties, they are far from being poisons. Indeed, nothing could be further from the truth for these wonderful, naturally occurring, and health-promoting substances. While the solvent properties of monoterpenes have been exploited clinically to dissolve gallstones (1), the monoterpenes are also the focus of much investigation in the area of cancer prevention and therapeutics…

Cancer prevention, inhibition, and regression are the most note worthy attributes of the MTs [monoterpenes].

D-limonene (DL) and perillyl alcohol (POH) have been shown to be chemopreventive against mammary (2). liver, lung, UV-induced skin cancers (3), and chemotherapeutic against both experimental mammary and pancreatic tumours. Perillyl alcohol stands out as effective against human pancreatic cancer (4), colon, liver [cancers] (5), to reduce vein graft intimal hyperplasia (6), as chemopreventive against colon carcinogenesis, prostate and lung cancers. (7)
His article has a fascinating discussion of how healthy bodies deal with natural cell mutations ~ for the most part keeping them under control ~  and destroying abnormal cells. With cancers, of course, something has gone seriously wrong. Dr. Brudnak says “The final stage is metastasis. Here, the cancer cells have progressed to the point where they are no longer localized to one ever-growing tumor. They gain the ability to enter the blood vessels (intravasation), move to a different location in the body, stop and exit the blood vessel (extravasation) and establish a new site of tumor development. Eventually, the body becomes riddled with tumors consuming the bulk of available energy. The body is literally eaten alive as evidenced by the cancer associated cachexia (body wasting).
In that dreadfully bleak picture of cancer development, there are some valiantly shining points of light. The MTs [monoterpenes], found in essential oils, are such points of light, offering some hope in the struggle to prevent and treat cancer. The best news is that DL and POH can not only prevent, but also treat cancer. That is to say, the MTs can act before a cancer is established and, in the cases where cancer is already present, they can cause a regression of the tumor.”
Essential oils from the orange tree's leaves, rind, and flowers have powerfully healing effects.
Personal Orange Oil Anti-Cancer Testimonials are Starting to Surface… even though they are anecdotal, these incredible results should NOT be discounted!
Vicki Opfer’s Young Living group in  Arvada, CO reports ORANGE therapeutic-quality essential oil is demonstrating great promise against cancer…helping the body rid itself of cancer. When people are willing to ingest 10ml of orange oil (in capsules) every day [...that's NOT a typo! And it is a lot of Orange essential oil - 2/3 of a 15ml bottle daily], this replicates the amount of limonene in studies which have demonstrated a regression of cancer.
Vicki Opfer writes in her newsletter: “…It’s absolutely amazing that something as simple as orange oil, which is very inexpensive, rubbed over an area of concern, …neat (without dilution), and liberally (6-8 drops  each [application] ), and often, perhaps even several times a daymight hold the key to the challenges with cancer.”
~ While in Japan recently, a woman of about 45 shared she had been told last summer [2009] her uterine cancer had spread throughout her body and she only had a month to live. The doctors said ~ due to her condition ~ they were not able to offer surgery or chemotherapy. After speaking with a Young Living leader there, she took 10ml of orange oil every day, in capsules. She also rubbed [Young Living therapeutic-quality] orange oil, frankincense, myrtle, sandalwood, and tsuga essential oils all over her belly every day, and drank 4-6 oz. NingXia Red [nutritional juice] each day, as well. She is now CANCER FREE!
~ From C.D. in New Jersey: “My mother-in-law had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her only remaining kidney. Her other kidney had been destroyed by cancer 5 years earlier. The doctors could not treat her because of her deteriorating health, so she began to take 10 ml of orange oil in capsules. She took 2 full capsules every 2 hours for eight hours a day. After 3 months the tumor was gone. She continues to take 1-4 capsules of orange oil and also drinks 2-4 oz. Ningxia Red every day. Her CANCER has NOT returned.”
SOURCE: April 2010 ISHA Aromatherapy Newsletter
Other studies have shown that FRANKINCENSE (Up to 90% Monoterpenes, 12% limonene), MYRTLE, SANDALWOOD, and TSUGA all have excellent inhibition of cancer cells. (Read the Frankincense link for another incredible cancer healing testimonial.)
If you are considering using ORANGE or any other essential oil for your own well-being or for healing from cancer, it’s essential to ONLY use organically grown, AFNOR or EC or ISO certified products for internal and ‘neat’ (non-diluted) topical* applications to assure therapeutic standards. Essential oils are stored in our fatty tissues, one of the reasons they are SO effective as a breast cancer preventative and/or treatment. Those of us who are plump or “well-endowed” will have lots of citrus oil compounds in our tissues if we use those healing oils on a regular basis.
Safety Data: Some people are genetically sensitive to compounds in citrus essential oils. I’m one of those folks (inherited from my father). Citrus oils used daily by those of us, over time (months to years), may cause a sensitivity that creates a very itchy, persistent rash. Suspect it’s a detoxing reaction ~ annoying and bothersome ~ NOT dangerous.
After using LEMON essential oil as a deodorant for several years (a few drops per day), I now cannot use citrus oils directly on my skin, except for my palms & the soles of my feet, without breaking out into a rash under my arms or on the skin surface where it was applied. I can take the citrus oils internally, but they are powerful detoxifiers and occasionally cause a rash that way, too.
ALL citrus essential oils have compounds that may cause sunburn / skin damage with sun exposure, except for GRAPEFRUIT essential oil. This means if you’re applying citrus oils topically, you need to put them “where the sun doesn’t shine” under your clothing or put them on before you go to sleep or when you know you’re going to be inside all day and stay out of the sun for 12 hours after application.


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