Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knockout by Suzanne Somers

Honestly, everyone should get this book. Especially if you don't have cancer, it will make you aware of things, and if you know someone with cancer, you can help them.
Go here and buy the book.

Another book I highly recommend is Beating Cancer with nutrition. Get this one too.

But since you don't have the books yet, I'm going to just share different things from the Knockout book.

"When the FDA did an internal audit of itself it's own report stated that it lacks the scientific capability and competence to evaluate new medical technologies. What this means is that the FDA no longer has the scientific legitimacy to be the sole arbittrator of what works and what doesn't."
There's interesting info about the FDA here

" my awful experience became the fuel for this book you hold in your hands. It led me to write Knockout so that, if I could help it, no one else would ever feel as stressed, frightened and helpless as I did"

"Take it seriously. It's your life- no one will be as sorry as you if you end up sick. No one can do this for you. How badly do you want health?"

"With cancer soon likely to be the number one killer in our country, we have to start now to change our diets and lifestyles if we are to avoid this fate"

"Patients are not offered chemosensitivity tests to determine if the chemo they will be administered is even a fit. The patients do not even know about such testing because for the most part they do not know it exsists"

(So they can test you ahead of time to see if the chemo will even work, why wouldn't they do this to every single person before they give it them?!! Chemo is SO bad for your body, makes sense to make sure it's going to kill the cancer if your going to subject your body to all that damage!)

" Since 1945 food companies have been adding chemicals to our food. In 1970, 262,000 TONS of Msg wer added to American foods. These FAKE foods are bad for our health"

"We are undergoing environmental assaul unprecedented in the history of mankind. Our air is pollutted; our water is bulling with fluoride, aluminum and other chemicals. Our houses are like chemical plants from all the toxins used to keep the house "clean". We spray poisons and "freshen" the air with chemicals. We clean with toxins, and the buildup is killing us!  Couple this with toxicity from the chemicals in our food- preservatives and artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, animals fed with corn and  it all results in cellular destruction, which is a sure route to cancer"

"most people eat very little "real" food and do not realize it."

( I have found this to be very true, even when I was trying to eat healthy, try to look at the back of the box of whatever you are making, or the can. Read it. How many ingredients are in it that you can't even pronounce? Those are all bad for you! Try to not eat from boxes or cans at all! yes of course it takes longer to make meals and it's more effort, but who cares! This is your life here people!)

" Chemotherapy is mostly inappropriate, ineffective, and in fact dangerous for most of the people who receive it, yet up to six hundred thousand Americans every year get chemo at their doctors recommendations"

( If you decide to go this route, at the very least do Immunotherapy along side of the chemo!)

" Everything in our bodies comes from one place: our diets. From our bones to our brain cells, we are made up of nutrients that come out of the diet. And when you consider the exquisiteness of our brains, I want to feed it the best of everything I can for my benefit. Nutrition is key. It's the foundation. It's not the end, it's the beginning. It's the ultimate foundation for good health. If you don't have that, nothing else is going to work to well."

Honestly, I WAS on of these people!! I would have coffee and a doughnut for breakfast, or sugar cereal, which is no better then a doughnut or cake by the way. I'd snack on food out of bags when I was hungry, ate WAY too much sugar for my own good. I am new to all of this. I am really trying to eat totally different then I did before. To eat clean, real food that I make myself.  I am just trying to share with you what I am learning in this process. I know change is hard, but it comes a lot easier after a cancer diagnosis. So if you don't want one of those, take these things seriously. Can you just make a few small changes? One thing at a time?

One more book recommendation!
This book has enlightened to to many things I had not thought about either, especially when it comes to my son's health with Asthma and the things I have been using in my house.
It's called~
Green goes with Everything, by Sloan Barnett.

If your reading this blog, you obviously care about your health, so don't just sit there, make some changes!  :)

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