Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling angry at Cancer.

Can I just say, I am really bothered by Cancer right now. I am angry that all these things are ignored by the FDA. All the chemicals we are using in our homes, on our bodies, in our cleaning products, our food etc that should have HUGE warning labels on them not to use or eat them, but they don't. You can do research and find out why the FDA doesn't keep a watch on these things, or require the manufacturers to put these warnings on their labels. Some have warnings in small print, but we pay no attention.
I too was one of these people that paid no attention to these things. I had that attitude " oh everything causes cancer these days so why worry about it all?" Wow, that was stupid thinking! Look what my ignorance got me, a cancer diagnosis. Now I just wish I could send an email to everyone in the world and tell them my story, and warn them about these things so they make changes. But I can't. I am one small person with a blog that not many people know about, but it's the best I can do!
I want you all to know that I did not start this blog to sell Shaklee products. Sure I may put in a plug for them sometimes because they are awesome, :)  However, I just want people to be aware. Having cancer is so not fun. Facing death like that is not fun. It's still not fun. Every time I have an aliment I think, is it cancer??  To be honest, it sucks and it's scary. I'm trying to make others aware of ways they can take care of their bodies, and their children's bodies so they don't go through what I have. Getting two emails in one day about people having cancer and being scared makes me so angry, I hate cancer. I lost my mom to it when I was 11. Now I've been through it.  I want to share some things from a book I am reading in my next post.................... 

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