Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our immune system

The cancer that was in my body could have been there for a few years. I had no symptoms. That is the scary thing. If it wouldn't have been for that lump in my neck popping up, I still wouldn't know that I had cancer.
I've read that we all have cancer cells in our body, and that the average adult gets six bouts of cancer in a lifetime!! If you have a respectable immune system, it can protect you against the defective cells, and they don't grow. IF you have respectable immune system. Apparently, I did not!
This is something that I didn't know before, that our immune system is not only good for fighting off colds and flu's, but cancer! I was blind to all this information. Maybe I just didn't care before? Never took the time to read up on my immune system or cancer, until  I found out I had cancer. Boy, that was dumb! That is why I am writing this, for YOU. So you start paying attention to YOUR health, and your immune system and your body so you can help yourself not to get cancer!
I realize, cancer is just a word, it's something scary that happens to "other people", that we don't feel we need to worry about it. But that is the wrong attitude to take, and I hope you'll realize that before the day you get diagnosed like me.
I have found out much info about cancer and our immune systems and I plan to share it all, but I'm sure I can't write it all in one post.
But one important point is that our immune system is REALLY important!! You need to keep your immune system healthy.
Our immune system is responsible for killing the bad guys, any cells that are not participating in the processes of your body, including cancer, yeast, bacteria, virus. Our immune system is supposed to take out the trash.
This means we need to eat well, and take professionally designed supplements. ( I will share what I've learned on supplements later) We need to lower our stress levels and get our immune systems working properly.
I don't remember the stats, but if you think about it, most people know someone, either a family member or friend who has cancer.  If you don't, you will. I had a friend here last week who said she has 6 friends with cancer. That is crazy! Six friends? Cancer is everywhere now, and people seem clueless as to why that is happening. I was clueless too, until I started reading books about it!

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